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100% Smoke Free Inhalers


100% smoke free inhaler


About inspire.

100% smoke free cbd / thc inhalers

Inspire by Eos Labs is for recreational users who enjoy medicating with nontraditional methods, our product provides a non-smoking alternative. Unlike other products, what’s provided is a combination of extraordinary convenience, discretion, and precision with a comprehensive selection. This small hand-held device aids in delivering a precise dosage of medicine into the lungs. This product is made with pharmaceutical grade cans, actuators, inhaled through the lungs without damage of smoke.

Benefits include

  • No batteries/charging or burning required (no toxic byproducts)

  • Minimal to no odor (depends on product flavor/strain)

  • Convenient and discreet dosage form

  • Precise and predictable dosing for accurate titration of effect

  • Kinetic profile is a combination of rapid 3-5 minute onset,
    followed up by an additional delayed oral onset for longer lasting effects

  • Our laboratory processes ensure quality and safety

  • 100 actuations per inhaler

Though it’s not identical to taking a drag off a joint or pen, the effects and convenience make it an attractive alternative, especially when you’re away from home.
This Eos inhaler is combustion free, battery free, and odor free - providing a healthy alternative to smoking and a great option for medicating on the go .
— Oregon Leaf, May 2019 issue

Our inHalers

Perfect for on the go, travel, and everywhere in between. Inspire inhalers give you a long lasting experience, and with a 100 puffs per canister you’ll be able to enjoy the high where ever your day might take you.


body / hemp cbd

When it’s time to unwind after that long day at the workplace, relax those sore muscles after an intense workout, or just simply it’s time to go to bed. Our CBD Body inhaler is the perfect companion for when the day hits hard and it’s time to chill.. With The first inhale you will notice a relaxing wave rush over you calming the body and the mind and taking you to that perfect harmonious place. A natural way to relax for your day to day.*


MIND / thc

Inspire mind is ready for when creativity and inspiration calls. A perfect addition to get your mind fueled up and free to create. Unlock your brain’s restrictions and limitations, and let your mind run free where ever it may take you. Our Mind inhaler packs a powerful THC high and is made for those times whens its time to elevate all parts of your creative self.*


soul / 1:1

The best of both? We have you covered with our Soul inhaler. A perfect blend of CBD and THC to relax the body and unlock the mind. You’ll feel connected to your inner most self in a relaxing state, perfect for a weekend hike in the woods, or a powerful afternoon creative brainstorm. Unlock new parts of yourself with Soul.


About EOS labs


Eos Labs, LLC offers superior pharmaceutical grade products that you can trust. This Oregon based company, created by native Oregonians, provides alternative delivery systems for cannabis and cannabinoid products. Our team brings with them combined experience in healthcare and finance to the cannabis industry. We ensure that each product is formulated using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, equipment and sterile technique.

Our current product line consists of metered dose inhalers (MDIs). MDIs are smoke-free, and deliver a discreet and precise dose through each inhalation. Through continued research and development, we plan to bring innovative dosage forms and delivery systems to the market. Our company road map consists of several products currently in development that are expected to reach the market place soon.


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