About inspire.

100% smoke free cbd / thc inhalers

Inspire by EOS Labs is for recreational users who enjoy medicating with nontraditional methods, our product provides a non-smoking alternative. Unlike other products, what’s provided is a combination of extraordinary convenience, discretion, and precision with a comprehensive selection. This small hand-held device aids in delivering a precise dosage of medicine into the lungs. This product is made with pharmaceutical grade cans, actuators, inhaled through the lungs without damage of smoke

Benefits include

  • No batteries/charging or burning required (no toxic byproducts)

  • Minimal to no odor (depends on product flavor/strain)

  • Convenient and discreet dosage form

  • Precise and predictable dosing for accurate titration of effect

  • Kinetic profile is a combination of rapid 3-5 minute onset,
    followed up by an additional delayed oral onset for longer lasting effects

  • Our laboratory processes ensure quality and safety

  • 100 actuations per inhaler